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12.01.2023 – Third practical workshop on EEG

The workshop will be given by Dr. Kalinka Timmer from the Psychology Department (University of Warsaw) at 11.30 AM at Dobra 55, room room 01.079 (below ground/level -1).

Also, we will be connecting on Zoom and the link is the same, i.e.:


The schedule of EEG workshops this year is as follows:

Autumn/winter 2022 – a practical introduction

  • November 2022 – The electrophysiology (EEG) of language
  • December 2022 – From EEG to ERP (Event-Related Potentials)
  • January 2023 – Interpreting ERP components

Spring/summer 2023 – hands-on sessions

  • the data acquisition protocol, electrode placement, and troubleshooting during the experiment
  • designing and replicating a study with a focus on one of the linguistic ERP components
  • running the study together in spring 2023.

All the events planned for the EEG Lab will be announced here. For more information, please contact the lab directly at eeglab.dobra55@uw.edu.pl.