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Multilingualism Research Hub

The Multilingualism Research Hub is an inter-faculty and international research group, which combines the know-how of linguists, language acquisition researchers and psychologists.

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Excellence in multilingualism studies

Many people develop multilingually as a result of mobility and migration, or acquire different languages through education. However, there is still a shortage of methodologically advanced empirical research explaining the linguistic and cognitive mechanisms underlying the functioning of multilingual children and adults. Multilingualism Research Hub aims at facilitating excellent multilingual research at the University of Warsaw.

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Increasing the impact

Multilingualism studies conducted at the University of Warsaw have already gained global recognition. The Multilingualism Research Hub aims to promote UW research on multilingualism and increase its impact in Poland and worldwide.

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Common research space

The Multi-R-Hub will facilitate the exchange of know-how and experience among researchers. We also aim to create a common research space to effectively use and develop the infrastructure available at the University of Warsaw.

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